A few nights ago, while reading “All My Noble Dreams and Then What Happens”, we came across an unfamiliar word, “hendecasyllable”.   Hendecasyllable?  Over to the dictionary immediately to find out that this word refers to poetic phrases that contain 11 syllables, very popular in ancient Greek and Latin verse. Well, live and learn (four syllables, not a hendecasyllable).

“Hendecasyllable” got me wondering if my son understood what a syllable was. So last night’s STORIES AND STUDIES began with a focus upon THE SYLLABLE. After an introductory explanation, my son went through a list of 20 words and divided them into syllables. Piece o’ cake (three syllables, not a hendecasyllable).

A new nature study unit! Amphibians! So far, they are more repugnant than snakes. If you are prepared to look at something so gag-reflex ugly, may I present the mudpuppy and the siren amphibian.

Our Farmer Brown story problem:

– Farmer Brown wants to create a festive atmosphere for his outdoor summer barbeque. His plan includes decorating 15 olive trees with strings of sparkly lights. He will need 5 strings of lights for each tree. Each string of lights costs $5.00, and he also needs to buy 15 long extension cords, at a cost of $8.00 each. How much money will Farmer Brown spend to decorate his trees?

Back to “All My Nobel Dreams and Then What Happens”, of the hendecasyllable reference: even though I don’t foresee reading this book again, it is a well-written, engaging novel, with important historical information. It captures the struggle of the Indians, in the 1920s, to recapture control of their country from the British. Worthy reading.

Classical music time:   “Minuet in G to the Power of Three”:

  • “Minuet in G” by Mozart – probably composed by the young genius when he was 6.  Most engaging.
  • “Minuet in G” by Beethoven – this is the “Minuet in G” used by Professor Harold Hill for his “think system” in Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man”.  Whoa.  Blurry eyes from too many quotation marks.
  • “Minuet in G” by Bach – so wistful. I just love this piece.

Welcome to the very best part of my day!  (Bingo! Eleven syllables! Hendecasyllable!)

 – Jane BH


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