Farmer Brown and the Complex Story Problem

The complex story problem is a most worthwhile academic endeavor.  Well written story problems mimic the multi-step activities that go into completing a real life task.  And HELLO, there is no reason a complex story problem should not captivate with imagination and hilarity.

I build our complex story problems around a fictitious “Farmer Brown”.  We have one story problem a night, and the answer usually requires 3 sets of computations.  We consider the issues Farmer Brown faces as he plants crops, tends to his orchards, hosts a barn dance for the hired hands, sells sunflower seeds to the local bird sanctuary, buys new fencing, makes a thousand apple pies, purchases new bells for his cows, maintains his John Deeres, pays his bills, and the like.

I wish I had Farmer Brown story problems when I was in school.

Welcome to the best part of my day!

– Jane BH

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