In which we introduce ourselves

I am a mom. My son is 23 and he has autism. He is non-verbal. This blog is about our learning-at-home program.

 About 8 years ago, while working with an experienced educational consultant, I was asked, “what facts does your son know?” Seriously? I couldn’t think of any facts that he might know. Every night I read little Disney books to him and nursery rhymes, but facts? I didn’t think my son was either interested in facts or capable of understanding facts. The stunned look on my face provoked the consultant to say, “Your son wants to know facts!  Here, read aloud the first two paragraphs of this!”.  She handed me an old science textbook, and turned to a page on dinosaurs. I took a look, gulped, and thought, “well now she will see – here comes an epic fail”.

 Here is what happened: My son and I sat next to each other as I began to read the dry material.  Within seconds, my son was glued to my side, pouring over the page, drinking in the information.  Two paragraphs were not enough for him, I had to read more and more, and the implication was sobering – I had been depriving a curious mind. My son wanted to learn facts!  This was our start.

 What this had evolved into:  every night, my son and I set up our STORIES AND STUDIES center on his big bed. We have comfortable back supporting pillows and we place a sleek, portable desktop over his legs and we get to work. The first thing that happens is that he squeals with delight for about 3 minutes, and then we are off!

 Our nightly plan –

  • we write
  • we learn new things
  • we read novels
  • we read poems
  • we listen to music (mostly classical)

 Welcome to the best part of my day!

– Jane BH

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